February seventeenth’s topic changes every year. The people who run this website and who devote their lives to February 17th choose a mighty topic. But everyone does as she/he wants. If you find a topic more to your taste, go for it!

Here are the topics we have proposed in the past:

2001: “Warp to January 17th”
2002: “Junk food marathon”
2003: “I like / I don’t like”
2004: “Bathrobe party”
2005: “Moustache”
2006: “Upside down” and “Valentine’s Day 2”
2007: “Half half”
2008: “17 hours”
2009: “Red”
2010: “Return to the origins”
2011: “I am 10 years old”
2012: “SPAM”
2013: “I am you”
2014: “Memories from the future”
2015: “Kalimotxo!”
2016: “-”
2017: “17”


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